Do’s and Dont’s in FOREX trading

Over the last 13 years i learned many things via the hard way:

My personal Trading Do’s:

  • Stay on the higher timeframes: less trades with less risk and more profit is the goal!
  • Aim for the higher potentials
  • Always trade with the trend
  • Keep your charts clean and simple
  • Stick with your money management
  • Be self confident … become one of the 1% of the traders who are constantly making money on Forex
  • Find a logical approach to trading
  • Listen to your stomach

My personal Trading Dont’s:

  • Dont scalp!
  • Dont hunt for the holy grail system!
  • Dont hunt for the holy grail expert advisor!
  • Dont overload your charts with indicators!
  • Stay away from social trading!
  • Dont copy other self claimed profitable traders!
  • Never ever try to outplay the market … the market is always right and will kill you!

… more to come soon!

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